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Spokane Valley Seahawkers

Working with Local Charities in 2017

Members of the Spokane Valley Seahawkers teamed up with 2nd Harvest and Yokes to help with donations and loading the truck.

A Big Thank You to the volunteers who helped out with our club volunteer event.  Our efforts were a huge success for Second Harvest.


“Thank You “ to:


Sue Haight

Anita Hewitt

Pam & Pat O’Connor

Len Seville

Melody Youkers

Mary Bruess


A fun time was had by all.

Sue, Mary and Denny (taking the picture) out shopping with Club donation money for Truth Ministries with grandson, Jericho, who wanted to learn about "volunteering" and "service."  After shopping, the items were delivered to the shelter.   Thank you ladies and Jericho!  You guys are awesome!   November 2017.

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