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WELCOME to the official website of the Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers


Thank you for visiting our Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers Website.


We are an official non-profit booster club for the Seattle Seahawks.  We raise money through different fun activities to donate to many needy local Charities in our Spokane area.  And of course we root for our Seahawks all year long. 


Take a look around the website.  Check out our About us page, Club activities page and browse through some pictures of our members having a great time.  There are links to the Seahawks schedule, the Seahawks website,  the Sea Hawkers websites  and our Facebook page.


 We would love to see you at one of our meetings or Seahawks game watches.   You can contact us by dropping us an E-Mail.  Just click on the button below and fill out the E-Mail form.



A message from our President


Hi Seahawk Fans!

My name is Pat O'Connor, president of the Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers.

 It is great to represent this Awesome club for the next 2 years. 


Our club is dedicated to being the best Seahawk fans along with giving back to the community.  We strive to help the community with donations and our time whenever we can.


We are a fun-loving group of people and would love you to join us. 

We have General Meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at The Ref in the Spokane Valley.  When the season is upon us, we have great game watches there also. 


Feel free to contact us on the email provided under the About Us tab.


Thanks for visiting our Website!


Pat O'Connor

President Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers



Hi fellow Seahawkers and others visiting our site. I hope all is well with you and your families.  We are back to some sort of normalcy.  Stay safe and stay strong. Hope to see you soon.

Pat O'Connor

President Spokane Valley  Sea Hawkers


Monthly Seahawker Meetings 

Board Meetings*

*any member can attend unless it's a closed meeting

The First Tuesday of each Month

Social Hour 5pm - 6pm 

Meetings start promptly at 6pm

General Meetings 

The third Tuesday of every month

Social Hour 6pm-7pm

Meetings start promptly at 7pm

The Ref Sports Bar

14208 E. Sprague Avenue

Please check your email for any changes to meetings due to venue availability

If you have any items to donate to Charities on our Local Charities list

you can bring to any General Meeting

(see above tab)

Everyone Welcome!


We were so happy to be able to have our annual bus trip back for the 2nd year in a row after COVID.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and 2022 was one of our best years yet!  We raised a lot of money for charity.  A great time was had by all!  The SVSH board did a great job organizing and facilitating this trip.  Four of our members were chosen in a drawing for field passes and got to go down on the field before the game!  What a great experience.  I will definitely never forget it.  It was a beautiful September day and although the Seahawks did not beat the Atlanta Falcons, it was a great game.  For more pictures, go to the Activities tab at the top.



It's been a great year for the Club!  We have raised more this year than ever before.  We did well at the flea market, successful lighted cup sales, a great bus trip and good game watches at our new location.

We will continue to plan ahead with fundraisers and activites for the upcoming year and meet every month at our General Meetings on the third Tuesday of every month all year long.


Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


If you are not a member, you are welcome to come and join us at the next General Meeting!  New members are always welcome to share the 12 spirit all year long.

Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers


As businesses and charities are slowly opening their doors, members of the Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers Booster Club are still working behind the scenes to help our community and local charities.

Last year the Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers were able to donate to three charities.  These checks were presented to these charities:

Thank you to Pat and Pam O'Connor for helping with donations to Life River Fellowship Food Bank!

The Spokane Valley Sea Hawers were able to return to regular monthly volunteering at Truth Ministries.  A special thanks to all those who donated food or money to assist with this awesome community service.  The club also regularly gives donations to this charity.  The volunteers are Sue Haight, Mary Bruess and Pat and Denny McDonald. 



Thank you to the club members who volunteered their time

to help with Tom's Turkey Drive last year!












Way to go Spokane Valley Sea Hawkers!

Thank you to many members of the Club who have graciously donated food, cash, household items and many more items in past charities!

A group of our dedicated Sea Hawkers flew the friendly skies to go support the Seahawks in Green Bay!




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